Key Person Protection

What would happen to your business if you were to pass away or require care due to illness?
Would your top employees stay?  

Losing a key employee can be devastating to a business as it often leads to lower sales and earnings, as well as increased hiring and training costs. In addition, an uncertain future for a business can lead to key employees leaving for positions with competitors.

Key-Person Insurance protects against these risks.



Key Person Insurance can be customized to cover risks that are specific to your business. Some considerations in designing your plan are:

  • Disability income protection
  • Providing a “Stay Bonus” agreement with top employees
  • Funding a Buy-Sell agreement with partners
  • Establishing a Split-Dollar benefit to provide coverage for the Key Person’s family
  • Including the ability to create tax-advantaged retirement benefits

Our Process

At LFIS we will help you place a value on yourself, as the owner, or a key employee that will consider current compensation, profits attributed to the employee, and the employee’s future benefit to the company in order to purchase the right benefit structured in the right way.