Business Succession

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business that has positively impacted your family and the families of your employees and customers. Now what? What is the next step to secure your business’ future?

Business Transition and Succession Planning helps business owners make key decisions on transitioning into a new ownership structure as well as how that move can impact their families and person retirement planning.  You may want to cash-in on the success of a business by selling it, let heirs or key employees take over the business, sell the business to your employees, or buy out other partners now or in the future.

Just as a business plan is vital to the on-going success of your business, a proper business succession plan is vital the the continued success of your business after you are gone.


Customized Insurance-Driven Solutions

Level Four Insurance Services has decades of expertise in providing customized solutions for owners including:

  • Buying out partners now or in the future
  • Selling to partners now or in the future
  • Future sale to a Key Employee
  • Selling to all employees (ESOP)
  • Transitioning to a family member while not disinheriting heirs

Access to Capital

One key differentiation to working with our firm is the ability to access resources throughout our network of companies. In particular to your business, our sister company, CRI Capital Advisors, connects businesses to the Private Equity markets to raise money for an outright sale, recapitalization, or capital infusion. To learn more about how CRI Capital Advisors helps businesses like yours please visit