About Level Four Business Services

Level Four Business Services is a multi-disciplinary platform with a proven process to provide high-quality advice to businesses. Our consultative approach keeps the business owner in the driver’s seat and refines your vision of where you are, what you value most, and where you want the business to be when you’re ready to exit.

Owning and running a successful business is a rewarding journey. Those who have built a great business have shown the necessary drive, sacrifice, and endurance to reap the rewards from what they have sown. In order to harvest the value that you have built, it is crucial to design and implement a plan that will protect and grow its value now and through the future transition of your business.

What Makes Us Different

Our team is made up of specialists in varying fields; together represent a truly vast knowledge base. We work with the other divisions of Level Four Advisory Services as well as the other portfolio companies of Carr, Riggs, and Ingram to provide a uniquely holistic approach to our planning process.

We understand the obstacles you encounter through your business life cycle and take steps to maximize your business and its value.